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We are here to provide you with consultancy services designed specifically for the web.

We can help co-ordinate your project in an effective timely manor and ensure you get the most out your marketing , promotion or development budget. We also make sure that the project runs smoothly and any issues are resolved if not prevented. Liaising with different departments , different businesses and different people can be time consuming and frustrating to say the least. How a project is organised can make a huge difference to not only the final result but how the entire development cycle, strategic planning is the key to success in any project. For every hour that is spent on development this costs money ,so the bottom line is you want to make the most of development time and you want  it to be as efficient as possible.

Money spent on Consultancy and project management is money well spent

and  the chances are this will not only save you money in the longer  term but possibly a few headaches as well. Getting the right people at the right time in the right order and things are a lot simpler , get it wrong and it can be very costly.

With nearly a decades worth of experience in running and managing web based projects we can tell you that on any size of project it is worth taking up the
services of dolphin consulting.

Key areas :

Here are some of the key areas where our consultancy services can help.


Advise, research and implementation

First and foremost we can offer you advise on everything from web design through to customer relations management.

Secondly we can research the best methods, software , solutions,  programming languages, and technology for you.
we can then provide a project plan inclusive of  technologies to be used, timescales and project cost.

Thirdly we can implement your project for you , organise all the necessary departments and skills and project manage the entire workflow
though to completion and beyond. We also provide infrastructure planning and support


Implementation, project management and infrastructure includes :


  • Project architecture

  • Strategic planning

  • Hosting

  • Server  requirements

  • web design

  • web development

  • software development

  • software development

  • Customer relations management systems

  • co – ordinated marketing management

  • Search engine optimisation

  • media services

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